Bilia carwash

Bilia’s façade tells about available services

A commercial building in Segeltorp to the southwest of Stockholm describes in images the services available in the building. Bilia carwash has invested in appearances by using attention-grabbing images. The Ruukki Expression system has been used in the façade.

Cartoons on the carwash wall in Segeltorp show that inside the building customers can have their cars washed by hand or automatically. The wall additionally tells that the car is also photographed and waxed.

The Ruukki Expression system includes prefabricated sandwich panels used in the walls and images in the façade.

Ruukki supplied 570 square metres of sandwich panels, including images, for the walls of Bilia’s carwash and 250 square metres of load-bearing sheets. The deliveries were made during 2016. Nordiska Industribyggen & Fasad AB, NIFAB, was responsible for installing the panels and sheets.

Ruukki's delivery: 2016
  • Ruukki Expression façade system, sandwich panels with images: 570 m2 (SPA 200 F)
  • Load-bearing sheets


Häradsvägen 255, Segeltorp, Sweden