Metsä Wood production building

Facelift for sawmill with the help of Ruukki Renovation

The facade of Metsä Wood’s production building in Vilppula in the Tampere region was refurbished with the help of Ruukki Renovation service. The Vilppula sawmill processes pine and spruce logs into planks and board.

When the new saw line, including buildings, was completed in 2012, it looked completely different to the some 30-year-old building next to it. A decision was made to refurbish the shell of the building to make it completely match the new building.

The Vilppula sawmill is Metsä Wood’s flagship where also customers visit. According to Metsä Wood a good environment impacts the image of the product made, in this case sawn timber.

"Ruukki’s project went exactly as planned, the delivery content and timetable were as agreed. The fitters installing the facade panels knew how to work in industrial surroundings and took safety into account when working. The refurbished building is now in harmony with the new building next to it. The whole thing is impressive. Customers visiting us here have definitely noticed the difference. This was a successful project all round,” says mill manager Jari Väkeväinen.

Ruukki's delivery: 2016
  • Ruukki Renovation service
  • Lamella Groove 20 cladding 2,200 m2
  • Accessories including design, dimensioning, installation and work supervision
Sahatie , Vilppula, Finland