Production and warehouse premises in Vantaa

Kumiapu Oy’s plant is brought to the new millennium

Kumiapu Oy produces rubber parts for industrial equipment, including conveyor belts for the food and construction industries. Completed in 1977, the steel frame of the 1,000-square-meter plant was in a good condition, as were the overhead cranes located inside, but without extensive renovation, the building would have been at the end of its service life.

“It was pretty dilapidated. Now that it’s renovated, the building contributes to a more positive company image. Before renovation, its energy consumption was extremely high. The walls were so badly insulated that even when outdoor temperatures plummeted to minus 30 degrees, water trickled down from the building’s rooftop. In winter, heating costs were about 2,000 euros a month”, explains Kettunen.

Kumiapu Oy’s plant was brought to the new millennium; the building was given a new rooftop in summer 2012, and new walls in summer 2013.

Ruukki's delivery: 2013
  • 1,000 m2 of Ruukki® energy panels; gray was picked as the facade color, while the interior walls were given a white surface.
Kivipyykintie 2 , Vantaa, Finland