Jäniksenlinna water utility

Liberta Solar covers a part of water utility’s energy demand

TSV invested in additional capacity to respond to the rapidly increasing water demand of Finnish municipalities. After the new building is complete, the water utility will be able to pump 19,000 cubic liters per month, which is to increase the total pumping capacity of Tuusula municipality by 40%.

The south wall of the building is equipped with a Ruukki Liberta Solar facade cassette. The solar panels located in the wall produce electricity that is used to respond to the water demand. In addition, the facade uses Liberta Elegant 500 and Liberta Glass cassettes as well as the Design Venice facade profile.

Main constructor of the project was Peab Infra Oy. Ruukki products were installed by SPLR Termo Oy. Architectural design was provided by FCG suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy.

Ruukki's delivery: 2016

  • Liberta Elegant 500 and Liberta Glass cassettes
  • Design Venice facade profile
  • Main constructor: Peab Infra Oy
  • Installation of Ruukki products: SPLR Termo Oy
  • Architect: FCG suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy
Rantalantie 50, Tuusula, Finland