In Ruukki Construction we employ around 1800 employees and we have production in 14 plants in Europe.If you want to take the next step in your career  and you are willing to

  • Develop yourself and learn continuously
  • Succeed together with your team
  • Work responsibility
  • Challenge tomorrow

apply our open vacancies below. 

How to apply?
If you select  Ruukki Construction in the list below by using  Division filter, you will find our open positions. 

Ruukki Construction is a subsidiary of SSAB. SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company operating in over 50 countries. All SSAB open vacancies can be found below.


Open application

If you didn't find a suitable open vacancy, please fill in an open application in our recruitment tool.

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Please state in your applicant profile more about your work and educational background and your motivation to work for Ruukki. Save your username and password in order to be able to update your personal information later.

Summer jobs and thesis opportunities

Would you like to be a part of our success and join Ruukki? We offer practical work experience and diverse career choices for students from different backgrounds. Build your career with us!

If you are looking for a summer job, please apply directly via the summer recruitment site.
Not all positions are announced at the same time, so please check the list during the spring. Please do not leave an open application.

Get your first impression of us and broaden your knowledge about our business through training periods. We offer job opportunities during the summer for students from different educational backgrounds. The application period for summer trainee positions is open from January to March depending on the job.

“Responsibility brings enjoyment to summer work, too” accentuates Matias Myntti, who worked in the Marketing & Communication team as summer trainee. Read more about his experience and thoughts

A summer job is the most probable way to a thesis opportunity. Every year, we have many students writing their thesis for us. Our research and development organisation in strongly involved with most of the thesis work, but research subjects in other than technical fields can also be found.  If you are interested in writing a thesis for Ruukki, please leave an open application. You can apply around the year by registering your profile in the recruitment tool and indicating that you are looking for a thesis opportunity. Remember to describe your suggestions for a thesis subject.


Employee stories

What is it like to work at Ruukki? What kind of career path led our strategy manager to her current position and what challenges her in her job? How does one of our sales managers ensure that his competencies are up to date? Read some of our employee stories to find out.

Learn more about jobs at Ruukki, and meet some of the people who are building your tomorrow:

Jenni Kainulainen
Strategy Manager, Finland
Read Jenni's story
Piotr Gala
Senior Sales Manager, Poland
Read Piotr's story
Matias Myntti
Summer trainee (Marketing & Communications), Finland
Read Matias' story